the story of the humptie


Humpties. For Life - Not Landfill.

With our beautifully-made interchangeable covers and comfy interior, we are super confident that your Humptie will last forever but we will happily take it back if you can no longer love it. We will re-home or recycle it for you. Sniff (See terms and conditions for further information).

We don’t claim to be perfect, but we are trying! Our classic range of Humptie is almost entirely made from natural fibres. Humptie interiors are filled with 100% wool for a soft, yet supportive cushion. NO polystyrene, NO polyester – NO plastic, only 100% natural fibres with a guarantee for life! We’re working on a way to swap our plastic zips and nylon thread we use for our covers for something more eco-friendly, but at the moment, we use the best we can find!
Our packaging is 100% recyclable too!

Humpties. For Life – Durable and Reliable

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