the story of the humptie

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SOFT FURNISHING by E.A. Spilman and M. Steele

Clearly from a different time, but who wouldn't want to have their vigour renewed and be given a more hopeful outlook.  Well it worked for me.

The only problem was the quality of the pouffes available, generally filled with polystyrene, (a foul product that cannot be recycled, does not biodegrade and gives off toxic fumes when burnt) they lose their shape, invariable you have to top them up and the little balls have an annoying habit of migrating.

We had to do better, so no more Pouffes, it is time for Humpties.

‘Soft Furnishing’ by E.A Spilman & M.Steele

Humpties. For Life.

So if you want to Flop, Prop or Lay you can on a wonderfully supportive Humptie, filled with 100% wool wrapped in a cotton liner and a removable cover, knowing that your Humptie hasn't travelled far.

Designed in Oxford, Crafted in England, Loved in your Home.

Hands that… Humptie

Hands that cut…

Hands that sew…

Hands that stuff…

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